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Walking through the world unaware
The world has drowned, and you're in the air
Looking down at the wreckage
Trading the screams for silence
Foaming waves and strangled lungs
As bodies sink and mermaids sing
Life glides away on Poseidon's wings
The waves tumble towards the shore
The dead are begging "Oh, no more!"
On the shells they must tread
While the foamy bubbles coat their heads in agony
Washing all of their impurities off, swirling them all together in a perennial drain
The taunts of life shall no longer cling to their faces like dampened hair
Will you suffer through the silence of life,
Treading the path that is scarce
Or will you look at the world around you,
And not be taken unaware
You put a spell on me

I hate you for making my heart bleed
The blood I didn't think I'd need
But I realize my blood is such a wasted thing
Like all the times I think back to you, my tears sting
I hate you for making me feel something
The love I didn't think I'd want
But I realize my emotion is such a thing taken advantage of
Like all the times I think back to you, my heart hurts
I hate you for leaving me
The promise I didn't think you'd break
But I realize my faith is such a naïve thing
Like all the times I think back to you, my smile fades
I hate you for making me love you
The other half of me, I didn't think would leave
But I realize my feelings only made things worse
Like all the times I think back to you, my soul cries out
I hate that you put a spell on me
The spell was so strong
But I didn't realize my soul was gone
Like all the times I think back to you, I lose myself
I hate you for making me strong
The innocence I didn't think would disappear
But I realize I can carry on
Like all the times I think back to you, I realize I don't care

Alone again, surprise, surprise
Even in the bitter tears that escape your eyes
Drops of scarlet, drops of blood
Is this your only comfort-hood?
You could have a river of gold if you tried
But after awhile the riches get old
You can wipe away the stain but the memory still stays
The memory creeps up on you in the black of night; swallowing you whole
You relapse and the poisonous desire takes control
Driving everyone away in fear
But their harsh, judgmental whispers don't escape your ear
You've become the thing you've sought to destroy
Terror striking down delight and joy
You've become consumed by yourself...
Please, not for me, but for you...get some help
The End

You were my person
And now you're gone
I wasn't afraid of losing you
Because I was clouded by delusion
I thought you'd be there forever
But I was wrong
Now I sit here drinking and listening to sad songs
To pass the time and distract myself from all that's on my mind
I wish it didn't end the way it did
Because even though I shouldn't have I think I felt something for you
That could just be my coping mechanism but I couldn't let it go
It was so hard to leave you even though I'd get in trouble
I didn't care because I promised I would always be there and I meant it
I'm sorry it ended like this
It hurts to see you so sad, in a time in your life when everything is bad
I want to come back but I can't
I'm sorry for your time that I wasted
Please don't be mad
Don't hurt yourself when I'm gone
Try and be glad
November 1, 2014: The End
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Trust Issues
Harden your heart, don't let them in
Why do you have to drown while everybody swims
Don't let them know you're dying inside, but don't be a bitch
Anything you do can and will be used against you
That's all they are; sharks, feeding on your open wounds and closed scars
Every-time you let one in you end up getting hurt (Or maybe you're so evil, you're getting your just desserts)
No one really cares about you, they just want the dirt you have
Don't give in and give them it, maybe take a stand!
You cannot be broken down no matter how hard they try
Be firm and look them in the eyes
They cannot have your weakness, secrets, or regret
Harden your heart, don't let them in
Only you and the Devil need to know your sins
October 31, 2014: Trust Issues
Random thing I laughed so hard at that I probably shouldn't have: Basically a ferris wheel rolling towards the ocean is just a windmill full of corpses.



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