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Like a Soldier

Like a soldier getting ready for war
Going off to face things I've never known before
Could be the last fight I'll ever know,
and the last time ever I'll see my home
Come into a world so wide;
Only to see comrades fall at your side
Some will walk out as the body count does grow
Others will be of the fallen, who won't be forgotten
Because they shall remain trapped in my mind
Another lost soul that nobody will find
As silence falls and victory puts on an end
I'll stop and stare down at my friends
Who entered the last good fight they'll ever know
Their memory shall bleed ink into my brain
Until my brain is no longer a blank canvas to tame
I'm now a soldier getting over the war
Who conquered things they never knew before
I'm a soldier who doesn't know what's right
and suffers through many sleepless nights
I could have died on that battlefield with them
But soon in heaven we'll meet again
As the crowds will cheer and roar
and it will be like we've never gone to war before
The Poet

Works of blood
And tears

Works of my hopes
And fears

My works of madness
Turned genius,
Turned mad again

My words that I dare not speak
In fear of people
Thinking I'm weak

Yet my works of madness
Are works of me
The side that no one shall see

My works of power
My works in dark
My works all started with a spark

My works have danced through my head
My works escaped in my tears
And in my cuts that bled

My works are the side of me that I dare not show
People just ignore my works
(The works) that I wish someone would care enough to know

I am a tortured poet
And a haunted soul
That no one ever took the time to know

My works of blood
and tears

Reflecting my hopes
And dreams
And fears

My works are the side of me that no one dared to see
My works are a distorted image that are starting to be clear
My works are pieces of the puzzle, where the masterpiece is me
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)

The cold bitter wind starts to violently blow her hair
She looks around but no one is there
Just a sad girl who has no reason left to care
A girl who has lost her reason to live
A girl and a bridge, with one single light
A girl and dark waters, she plunges in tonight
The girl didn't start off like this; wanting to die
The girl has just been shot down one too many times

The fal has done nothing to complete her desire
It has only fueled her hate fire
Nothing in her world seems to go right
That's why she pulls out a gun tonight
She aims her head to the sky
No words escape her lips, no tears escape her eye
Her finger on the trigger, the barrel on her head
She closes her eyes, but she still isn't dead

Pulled the trigger but no bullet came out
She still wants to die but she hasn't yet
She goes to the cabinet to look for some pills
Her hair is a mess and she can't pay her bills
She starts to sweat as the drugs start to fill
She's losing her concept of reality
Her eyes start to shut but she'll wake up tomorrow
The pills were not enough to end her sorrow

She goes to the store and buys some thick rope
The clerk asks if she's okay, her simple reply is "Nope"
Back at home she turns down the light
She's a damsel in distress who doesn't have a knight
She's a soldier in a war, who has lost her fight
She ties the rope in a noose, she has nothing left to lose
Steps up on a chair, and puts her head through
Kicks the chair out of the way, but she's still her to stay and suffer another day

The rope didn't last as long as she needed
She will not give up, she's not been defeated
She gets in the car and closes the garage
Her life flashes by in a slow painful montage
The gas fills the room, her life should end soon
She slowly looks out the car windshield and sees a bright light
Will she be sleeping with angels tonight?
No she will not, the garage door opened; as her heart
was slaughtered and broken

The gas didn't work, so she'll go for a drive
She's finally sure it's her last day alive
The key in the ignition, and the engine humming to life
The pain of living cuts her like a sharpened knife
She pulls out of the garage and winds down the street
Planning her death, and the end she will meet
She drives normal at first, then starts getting erratic
She then starts to panic, she flies through three lanes of traffic and crashes hard

She survived the crash much to her disappointment
She ditches the car and makes her way back home
Frustrated at everything, how is she still alive ?!
Life is not worth it, she can't take it anymore!
She goes in her room and she slams the door
She takes out the knife she keeps next to her bed
Pulls up her sleeves; the skin is bruised and red
She slits her wrists deep, and prays she's finally dead

Your words cut like a knife
Your hate hangs over her head
Your actions can plunge her into a river
Your lies are like poison in her lungs
You could be the end of her
Make her feel like her life isn't worth living, and make her want to die
Because everyone looks away and ignores her when she cries
I hope you're happy, that girl is me, and I still haven't died yet
~Not to be taken literally. 
Infinite Loop
My day is always the same
I walk by but don't speak your name
The memories go away for awhile
But then they come back, to haunt my mind again
I ignore it in the day time; when people are around
But every time I lay down at night, in my tears I do drown
I try so hard to act like I'm okay
And I don't know why this is coming to me now
I was doing fine until last night when you came in my dream
Things were the way they used to be, at least it did seem
It ended with me having a choice to make
I couldn't find my voice and I lost my chance to tell
The words my heart does yell,
Then the words got scrambled and they fell
I didn't say how I felt and I try not to regret it
I blame myself for losing you,
I blame my mind for replaying the memories I did not need to find
Every time you walk past my heart starts to beat fast,
And the world starts to blur
I try to block out your face, your voice and your smile just for her
I'm crying like a fool over something I never truly had
I'm crying over the times only you made me glad
I wish I could forget becasue this shit still hurts
I'm trying to move on but I'm a broken record and a sad song on replay
Counting down the memories every hour of the day.
I only met you two years ago and it seems like I've known you my whole life
I replay the memories over and it cuts me like a knife
There are so many things I wish I did different
Because things still bother me, I don't think I'll ever forget
How you made me feel, smile, and start to be a person
Because up until then I was in a shell
I was a little girl with demons, she didn't know were from hell
I'm a different person then I was the first day of school
I wish I knew you sooner in life, because it would be cool
I could have spent longer time with you
Until I lost you forever, which part of me knew
Because I'm not the type of person who lets other people in
I put up walls around my heart and you made your own door
Now I'm picking up the pieces that shattered to the floor
I want to say I'm sorry for the things I've always and never done
I really want to forget, unless I always remember because you were the one
But now you aren't the one, that is here for me
You're someone else's someone and that's just how it has to be
Now that I have to see you again it riddles bullets in my heart
I wish I realized that I like you from the start
I'm not the type of person who wants to say that they're in love
Because my heart has been broken,
Ever since I'd fallen from above
The memories are all I have left
They torment my heart and soul
Which may be for the best,
Because I don't know how I could have ever lived life without you before we met
My days will be the same unless we speak again
Even one more time would set me for life,
Because I want to wish you luck
In whatever you plan to do, even if life will suck (without you)
The nickname that you gave me is a stain in my soul
I can't look at anything like that without cracking a smile or spilling bitter tears
You unintentionally helped and became my many fears
If I do have a family I'll speak of you for years
The friend I considered part of my soul
Even though it's my fault we aren't anymore; because I lost control
My days will be the same until my life starts to fade
I just hope that you'll be alive after I am gone
You promised you'd count my death as I did move on
The sun rises in the east,
But shines different in the west,
I want to give my heart to you,
Because I love you best.
My life is fading from my eyes,
As I go in to eternal sleep,
Don't you hang your head my dear,
Don't you dare close your eyes and weep.
We'll still be seeing the exact same sun,
Just in different parts of life,
My love for you is deepest,
Because you're my only one.
We'll Meet Again
Dem feels I feeled when making this feel...



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