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I salute you in everything you've done
I honor that you love without boundaries
There should be more people like (all of) you;
Who aren't afraid to show the world how they do
People shouldn't criticize the love that's in your eyes
You see more things than us, on the same sheet of paper
You see the beauty that we miss
And that no matter who you love, they still deserve a kiss
I'm sorry that the world thinks you're evil:
When you're obviously not
You just are more open about who you are
I look up to all of you, not afraid to try
Hopefully soon you'll be more accepted as you are
Even if it takes a long time,
I'll always be on your side!
I support you, and think of you as a person, just like the rest of us
A person who deserves our trust
Never stop fighting to be who you are, you're perfect as you are.
October 28, 2014: LGBT
DUN DUN DUN!!!! Welp...I went there....
no offense meant, just had to say it...

You got it hard
You got it bad
You can't remember everything you've ever had
He's on your mind
All the time
You want him so bad
But you don't know how to ask him to "be mine"
When you think abot him you can't help but smile
Damn girl, he drives you wild!
Why don't you take a chance?
Rather than give him sideways glances
All you gotta do is say "I love you"
It's not as hard as you think,
But you're too smitten to do anything...
The Devil Walker

The devil will play tricks my boy, but don't pay him no mind
He'll speak of truths and misdirection, but don't pay any attention
It's only just a game...
He'll tell the bitter truth, although you don't want to hear it; he knows better than you
Things done so mysteriously, pay no mind to you
Although things don't work out, he knows just what you need
Taking none of the troubles you bring, he does things not just for himself
But he has you in mind;
The Devil is the necessary evil of life
Just the price may be your soul
Strike a deal with the devil, and you may lose control
You'll become what you seek to destroy, you will pay your dues
Between life and a better self, what would you choose?
Your desires should be easy, but don't be foolish boy, don't let him sing
Don't try to cheat the devil, he's been tricking longer than you;
He's invented all the things you plan to play, Don't be so hard on yourself...
In the end we all fade away.
October 27, 2014: The Devil Walker
Made this while reading "The Devil and Tom Walker". don't piss yourselves people...  <-----------
Side note: reading it now, not sure what was going through my mind when i wrote this....^
Stop Hating Love

Love knows no gender
The door can swing both ways
Love knows no age
Even if you can't be together, you'll still feel the same
Love knows no race
Love does not discriminate like everyone thinks it should
Loves knows what it wants
When you see someone you love it just is
Love knows not when to give up
Which can make it hard, and make it last so long
Love knows before you know, yourself
Just because you don't agree with who someone loves doesn't mean they should
Love knows it's not accepted, but it doesn't care
That doesn't mean you can judge what the heart decides
Love knows not of your shames and sympathies
Just be happy for them, and be there if things go wrong
Love isn't yours to judge
Their orientation has no effect on you
Love is just a word, but it has feelings too

I hurt myself today
I've been trying too long, with too dull of a knife
I focus on the pain
'Cause I'm more scarred than my wrist is
That old familiar sting
I gotta take this opportunity before I miss it
Try to kill it all away
I think I'll slit my wrists again
But I remember everything
No more sun, why's it always night?
Everyone I know goes away in the end
You don't know what happened to that kid you raised
And you could have it all
But when you go to meet God, you know you wanna look nice
I will let you down
Gone too far, yeah I'm gone again
Full of broken thoughts
I wish that I could fly
Beneath the stains of time
Asphalt never looked so soft,
The feelings disappear
You never thought you'd die
You are someone else
Found that you could but too scared to try
I am still right here
My legs are dangling off the edge
What have I become
I'm gone, gone, gone, gone
I will make you hurt,
I'll put a bullet in my head
If I could start again
When you can't sleep, well you can't dream
I would keep myself
Oh I might just try,
I would find a way
October 26, 2014: Hurtlet (?)
Johnny Cash: Hurt
Hollywood Undead: Bullet
song soup...yum


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