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So I had the little notification that I was mentioned in your journal entry, but I was just like yeah today I finally get curious and click on it...SURPRISE to me... So that is how oblivious I am...:) Let's Begin.

I was tagged ( a million years ago) by :icongozekuu: 

Ugh...ruuuules CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! Waaaah!  I BITE MY THUMB AT YOU RULES....(I just bit it too hard...:( *sniffle* )
1. Is a lame rule! NEXT!!!
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves. *overly attached girlfriends in the making all let out a delighted squeal*
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. (Buuuuuutttt.....I can't question....)
4.  Instead of this rule (tag 10 people) draw me a bat-unicorn...or else *serious face*
5. also a lame rule
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
8. No tag-backs (What want to troll? That seems like a good exception to the rule)
9. Hey you! You working on my bat-unicorn picture yet?
10. HUh! HUUUH! Bro! Ya feeling lucky yet punk?! ...Because I'm not. I need that bat-unicorn for ....research!

My Bat-Facts because screw regular facts. It's all about the Bat-Facts.
1. I seriously hope/ naively believe that the Joker is alive. It was clayface, or a clone or something! But I refuse to believe that he is dead!
2. I love Red Velvet anything....apparently Brach's (or whatever the heck the candy corn company is) has red velvet candy corn, there are also red velvet oreos
3. When people are sleeping I run around in my Bat-cape, listening to the Batman theme song, while stuffing my face with bat-cookies because I Bat-CAN! I even make my own whoosh sound effects... :3
4. I am a bat-collection of bat-contradictions ;) ...I'm crazy like the Joker...but I'M BATMAN!
5. Keeping my Bat-theme going, as much as I love Batman I only have 3 books/comics, but worry not I have other bat-things in my room.
6. I am a "master" of accents. (If you count Australian, British, Southern, Transylvannian, and something else....adorable....)
7. Since I am a contradiction...I don't like myself but I'll sometimes boast about how adorable I am...
8. I am a grade-A level sarcasist, and snarky, sometimes I'm very believable's kinda awesome
9. I have this weird feeling that something's gonna go down, so I've been drawing Arkham Asylum/City Joker....the incapacitated (not dead, just sleeping ) Joker for like a week 
10. I have poems on a corkboard on my wall....i.e. Anarchy by John McCrae, Late Fragment by Raymond Carver, Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe, etc.

Questions I am being forced against my will to answer.
1. Would you rather be an actor in a TV show or the voice actor (you play as yourself in both xD): ...Do I have to choose just one? mmmm....TV show...if not I'd go into voice acting and win everyone over with my cuteness and then TAKE OVER THE WORLD
2. It's the end of the world! What's the last thing you write/draw?:...Write a note saying I left the stove on but in reality it's just a house full of zombies that I promised could nom you....(because I'm the bat-zombie whisperer that this city needs)
3. Which stereotype are you in a horror movie? :...The Murder *DUN DUN DUN DUN* or if this is one the goth(ish) kid you think is the murder but is really the hero and survives after you biches die :D
4. Who would you want to be stuck with in a zombie apocalypse?: I'd want to say Batman but what if he turns into a zombie...I'd be an emotional ....Steve my imaginary henchman...who sucks at his job but makes excellent cookies, tell Jim he's my partner.
5. YOUR ZOMBIE APOCALPSE TEAMMMMMM (could be fictional or not): Deadpool, Dracula, Joker, idk...Liam Neeson....:/ hmm...never thought about this
6. WHAT KIND OF SANDIWICH WOULD YOU WANT TO BE IN????? personally I would be in a Richard Armitage and Benedict Cumberbatch sandwi--//SHOT//:....I'm gonna go with a GIANT bacon sandwich, so I can eat all the bacon
7. What would be your signature weapon of any kind?: Bow and arrows...or Batarang (when I learn how to use them)
8. If you could meet any celebrity/actor/voice actor, who would it be?: aH! just one!? conroy-h-hamill--b-baker-j-johnson....HAMILL. MARK HAMILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Favorite book?: I think I've fainted. Vampire Academy?
10. Serial killer in your house! Where do you hide?: I hide my foot in his ass, and my skills in his vital organs! HA! *i'd probably die because I'm too lazy to hide and not willing to go to a neighbors house for safety*

My questions for you suckers
1. Favorite kind of frosting (Cherry, Lemon, Chocolate, or whatevs)?
2. If you could be any fictional character who would it be?
3. If you could change one thing about the world what would you change?
4. You make my bat-unicorn yet? *giving you the eyebrow. Long story, very menacing though*
5. What is one thing that you think everyone should do?
6. What is something that inspires you to keep moving forward? 
7. Who is someone you want to compliment? *compliment here*
8. Best memory?
9. Favorite Dinosaur?
10. Is there any art you'd want made in your honor?

All Mighty Tag of DOOM! (will fill out...later-ish) 
1. :iconisaiahbelmont:
2. :iconjedipadawandaniel:
3. :iconpurplewillowtrees:

Love is a lesson
Meant to teach us how to feel
It can last forever
And hurt like on the day it died
Reminding you to never hurt like that again
Love is fragile,
It takes more than it gives
But we let it
Because it's just a way we live
February 11 2015: Love
The 400th poem in my journal 
woo! I doubt I'll make it to 500
Amor frágil

El amor es frágil
Toma más que el fuego
Eso quemar y brillar
Pero no dura, excepto en humo
Llena  los pulmones
y te mata al final

(hopefully that wasn't terrible spanish, if so Lo siento, amigo ;))

Fragile Love

Love is fragile
It takes more than fire
That burns and shines
But it won't last, except in smoke
It fills the lungs
And kills you in the end

Bust open a vein
and create magic with the blood
Poor your heart and soul in
To a world all your own

Fuel the world with you beautiful mind
It cannot run along on one
The combined efforts of all people
will make this life flourish

Don't let the magic run out
Keep a piece in your heart
For it will always remain
even if you do not
Just a Bat and a Clown...

I'm the chaos to your order,
Just wanting to make you smile
Stop seeing the dark side of life,
Only for a little while

We're destined to do this forever
Just you and me
I have a plan to make you laugh
And in a short time you will see

Do you think we'll know what to do
If the other is gone
We're practically the same
Each with our own bad day

Do you think about the effect that we have?
Turning this city upside down
Just a dark, brooding bat
And his crazy, happy clown


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